Schulz/forum Library

The “Schulz/forum Library” is a series of books on Bruno Schulz’s life, work, and reception. These are mostly publications prepared in 2015-2022 thanks to the NPRH 0446/NPRH4/H1a/83/2015 grant, but not only. We assume that it will also include Schulzean studies whose authors have decided to make them open access. Next to the author’s written consent and sending the book to us in PDF format, it must be accepted by the editorial board of the “Calendar of the Life, Work, and Reception of Bruno Schulz.”

The “Schulz/forum Library” is connected to the “Primary and Secondary Bibliography” which by definition records all the available publications on Schulz as well as editions and translations of his works. Their number now is more than 5000, and it is growing. Many of them, including some that can be extracted directly from our website, are already available on the web. However, most of them are not books. We believe that soon the “Schulz/forum Library” will become a set of canonical studies on Schulz, whose readers will be able to extract them in PDF format and use them freely according to the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

We invite authors and publishers to collaborate with us.