June 4, 1938, Saturday

Warsaw. The editors of the daily Czas issue a certificate of cooperation with Bruno Schulz for his trip to France.

The certificate of the daily’s correspondent status was to facilitate Schulz’s contacts in Paris. Schulz did not collaborate with Czas before. He obtained the certificate thanks to Witold Gombrowicz*, who, in a letter from May 1938, advised Schulz: “Write to Wojciech Natanson, the editor of Czas, Szpitalna 12, with a proposal to include some of your travel correspondence there (without mentioning how much of it you will submit) and send him a photo, and he will send you a correspondence card”1. The certificate, signed by the editor-in-chief and the editorial secretary, was delivered to Schulz in the first days of June2. It contained a statement that its owner was a collaborator of the editorial office in the cultural and artistic department and a request that “Authorities and Institutions” give him “support and assistance”. It is unnown whether and how Schulz used the status of a correspondent during his three-week stay in Paris. It is certain that his “travel correspondence” appeared neither in Czas, nor elsewhere. (sr) (transl. mw)

  • 1
    Letter from Witold Gombrowicz to Bruno Schulz dated May 1938, [in:] Bruno Schulz, Dzieła zebrane, volume 5: Księga listów, zebrał i przygotował do druku Jerzy Ficowski, uzupełnił Stanisław Danecki, Gdańsk 2016, p. 280.
  • 2
    Gombrowicz reports: “Natanson has already sent the certificate. I called him and asked the editorial office to send you a few more copies of this certificate, in case you needed it as an attachment to the applications” (Letter from Witold Gombrowicz to Bruno Schulz, written after June 4, 1938, [in:] Bruno Schulz, op. cit., p. 281).