[between 10 and 15 July 1938]

Warsaw. Wilhelm Schulz replies to a letter from his uncle Bruno, in which he asks him for advice on a trip to Paris, as well as for help in dealing with foreign currency matters. 

Schulz’s nephew maintains his opinion on the advisability of the trip, despite the increasingly less appropriate time for the implementation of the assumed program. He presents five arguments which, in his opinion, speak in favour of leaving but ends with the conclusion: “let your decision not be the result of anyone’s influence, even my own, and do as you wish”1

The second subject of the letter is related to Schulz’s efforts to obtain foreign currency. In the unpreserved letter, his uncle asked to redeem the francs granted to him and promised that he was going to send 400 zlotys for this purpose. In response, Wilhelm* informed him that he would not return to Warsaw until July 22 and that he did not have his own funds that would allow him to redeem foreign currencies. (sr) (transl. mw)

  • 1
    Letter from Wilhelm Schulz to Bruno Schulz written between 10 and 15 July 1938, [in:] Bruno Schulz, Dzieła zebrane, volume 5: Księga listów, zebrał i przygotował do druku Jerzy Ficowski, uzupełnił Stanisław Danecki, Gdańsk 2016, p. 272.