7 June 1919, Saturday

Lviv. Józefina Schrenzel officially changes her family name to Szelińska.

As a note in the birth record book informs, written there “as a result of the rescript of Galician Governorship of 7/6 1919 (26985 /II 1607)”, “the governorship of Lviv allowed Józefina Schrenzel to change her family name ‘Schrenzel’ to ‘Szelińska’”1.

See also: 5 January 1905, late 1932, spring 1933, 11 July 1991. (ts) (transl. mw)

  • 1
    Central Archives of Historical Records, Record books of Jewish communities from the area “behind the Bug River”, 1789–1943, reference number 1/300/0/-/2392, sheet 75.