3 February 1930, Monday

Lviv. During the Jewish economic conference, Izydor Schulz is elected to the Executive Committee on the economic interests of the Jewish population.

The great national Jewish economic conference, organised on the initiative of Jewish deputies, begins in the morning in the hall of the Institute of Technology at ul. Bourlarda 5. One hundred and forty delegates, representing various associations and organisations from sixty-seven cities, take part in the proceedings. The conference is organised in connection with the economic crisis and the pauperisation of the Jewish community. Its purpose is to define the economic situation of Jews in Poland and to work out a recovery plan.

During the conference, the Executive Committee is elected to oversee the economic reconstruction of the Jewish community. The Committee is composed of thirty-seven prominent representatives of various Jewish communities: deputies, senators, legal advisers, lawyers, financiers, executives, scientists and industrialists – including engineer Izydor Schulz, director of the nationwide headquarters of the Galician Oil Society, “Galicja” SA1.

On the same day, there is a plenary meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Lviv, which Izydor Schulz is unable to attend. He excuses his absence by notifying the President of the Chamber in writing, in accordance with the statute of the institution2

See also: 27 April 1925, 18 February 1931, 25 March 1933. (ts) (transl. mw)

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